Children Dentistry

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We take special care of the needs and fears that children might have at the dentist

Your child’s first visit

The first regular dental visit should be just after your child’s third or fourth birthday or if you have special concerns. The first dental visit is usually short and involves very little treatment.

We will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums.  We may clean your child’s teeth and if necessary, apply topical fluoride to help protect the teeth against decay and evaluate adverse habits like thumb sucking. Most important of all, we will review with you how to clean and care for your child’s teeth.

Some first visit tips:

  • Take your child for a preview or online tour of the office.  Have them come with you or another family member to a  cleaning appointment to watch so they know what to expect.


  • Read books with them about going to the dentist.



  • Review with them what the dentist will be doing at the time of the first visit.



  • Speak positively about your own dental experiences.